Wildlings isn't just a preschool or nursery, it's a way of life for the children that join us. Their approach to every challenge, their mindset towards others, their appreciation of nature; it's Wildlings.



Our sessions are based in the beautiful ancient woodland at Shining Cliff for 3 full days a week. 

Our approach is to explore and develop learning opportunities inspired by the natural outdoor environment across all areas of the Early Year Foundation Stage. We follow the children’s lead, and run with their ideas, just as we do in the hall. We use tools in a purposeful way with appropriate supervision and health and safety measures. We may build a fire to cook and prepare our snacks, with the children's assistance.

We love being in the woods for full days because of the resilience our children develop. They build the strength to not only keep trying but also the skills to support each other to succeed. The weather can bring some challenges, it’s not always sunshine and some days are harder than others, but the feeling of achievement gives us the knowledge that we can do it. As practitioners we embrace it and our children regularly astound us. A rainy day gives us wonderful puddles and mud is one of our favourite resources!



Our hall sessions are available 5 days a week. 

Our beautiful, bright and comfy looking room is adorned with natural, authentic real world resources. Eye catching, open ended arrangements of these resources provide opportunities to spark the children's natural curiosity. 

Our hall is alive with active, engaged little people, all digging in and finding what we’ve got available for them. Our continuous provision is fairly consistent, there’s always a full range of art and craft supplies that can be moved and used however they wish. We gradually build and extend on loose parts and woodwork once they’ve got to grips with the basics, and we use real, authentic resources as far as possible. We find things, up cycle, reuse and collect freebies, living our values of sustainability and taking responsibility for our actions. We instill a sense of duty and care for the world in which we live in all we do.

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